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Knock. Knock. Is Your Movement Home?

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No joke. Learning about my primary movement patterns saved me and brought me home.

Of course, first they freaked me out. They showed why I couldn’t let down until I pooped out or forced myself to stop. When a friend gave me a “coördination pattern” arm test she said, “Whoa! You’re a thruster.”

Horrors! Who says, “In God we thrust???” Thrusting is evil.

Once I got over the shock that my thruster needed to be released, not repressed, I threw a coming out party! ZIP ZAP POW! WHEE!

The party happened because I am inclined to play, play, play with this and that, me and you. I bounce around in a collagarama of a colorful life, collaborating and collecting relationships. 

Swing and collaboration is home to me. But, it took time to own it. I had learned to control myself and act serious. (Neither of which I am too good at.) Sadly, holding back both thrust and swing affected the power of my dancing and my health.

Is an energetic style a bad thing, or just a thing? Is a kinesthetic reality at the base of how we operate, what we want, how we relate to the divine?

Experts say “YES.” Four dynamic movement patterns indicate a Myers Briggs of embodiment. Dr. Marcia McFee wrote a Ph.D. on how these primal patterns shape ritual. Ginny Whitelaw and Betsey Wetzig coach leaders in Move To Greatness: Focusing the Four Essential Energies for Whole and Balanced Leaders.

I believe that understanding these patterns can offer guidance for finding the spiritual practices that can bring us bring us home to self, others, and God.

The patterns are applicable in education, family systems, healing, at work, home, and in spiritual community. They allow us to dive deeper into cultural diversity and peacemaking by giving us a language to appreciate an underlying physical essence that is so spontaneous, real, and soulful.

Are you a Thruster/Driver? Shaper/Organizer? Swinger/Collaborator? Hanger/Visionary? Explore you as an energetic, kinesthetic force like no other.

You can take the Focused Energy Balance Indicator and gain a new understanding of the implications if you don’t sync with patterns in your culture.

Your body is smart. Mental, physical, and spiritual health demands satisfactory balance. If refused, there is revolt. An inner movement will push forward when one pattern dominates and prevents fuller wisdom for too long. This can be seen in our body politic as well.

You can learn ways

• to get more energy

• to end judgment about your behavioral style

• to find the peace and balance unique to you

• to increase your enjoyment of family, friends, and coworkers

• to improve overall wellbeing

• to uncover hidden strengths

• to support YOUR relationship with the divine

I am certified to share the Focused Energy Balance Indicator. Email me at cynthia@interplay.org to learn more.

How does it work?

I buy you the instrument for $75.00. You pay me by check or cash. You then take the twenty-minute test online based on behavioral questions. When I receive your readout from Focused Leadership, I send it to you. If you’d like a coaching session to reflect on your relationship with the patterns and take advantage of my history of working with them, I offer one-hour sessions at $125.00.

Leave a comment if you are interested. Or begin by taking the mini FEBI test online.