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Was A Purpose Given on the Day You Were Born?

Divination is a world-wide practice, be it through tea leaves, Tarot, numbers, prophetic dreams, stars or planets. Yet to consciously divine one’s own purpose can be difficult.

What am I here to do or be? What is my purpose? Here is good news. You are living your purpose whether you are conscious of it or not.

This month the Mystic Members deepen in our inquiry into divine purpose, often inherent in the day we were born and the name we were given.

Some years ago I was introduced to a version of the Mayan Calendar. It is impossible for a Westerner to grasp the complexity of the Mayan’s uniquely sacred, profoundly embodied, and highly mathematical “mytho-poetic” time-teller. (What a mouthful!). Nonetheless I was enamored by days and months not as roman numerals but energetic meaning symbols.

To the Mayan’s time has a body to which they give utmost respect. This “time body” is lunar.  Given that Cynthia means daughter or goddess of the moon, it seemed fair to give a moon system a fair shake.

A woman named Li showed me a version of the calendar that syncs with the Gregorian calendar. This calendar indicates that I was born on a Blue Galactic Eagle day, the signature” of my destiny. A Blue Galactic Eagle? I am seeing wings, big ones. This “dreamspelll”calendar suggests that

  • Blue as one of four colors coded into the calendar whose basic pattern is “to transform.”
  •  “Galactic” energy operating through the essence of integrity (being at one) with power to harmonize (blend) by modeling.
  • The Eagle’s essence is Mindfulness at work creating through vision.

The calendar proposes that my purpose is to Harmonize in order to Create, modeling Mind(fulness) to seal the output of Vision  with the Galactic tone of Integrity. I am guided by the power of Vision.

Is this my purpose? It is certainly something upon which to meditate. Click on this tool to  investigate your own birthday on this calendar.

On the other hand the truer Guatemalan Maya calendar does not merge with the West. Time and space are not concerned with “years.” In this calendar I am born on an 11 Ben or Reed Mat Day.(I am definitely an 11!)  Click here to find your own day sign. I see a lot of accuracy in this reading.

If I am created to naturally synch with time, space, and energy then I shall see myself in many a thing. When I sync to symbols, symbols sync to me. This does not make anything true or false.

This also means that the most creative power of divination continues to be in my own hands, heart, and mind as I relate to all I encounter. I must divine
1) my everyday human purpose
2) my highest purpose.
3) and how they intersect.

My purpose? I claim it to be this. On an everyday level I seek to foster freedom. On the highest level? With love and  mercy to uphold the integrity of body and soul.

Put together? I foster freedom with love and mercy upholding the integrity of body and soul.

I would love to read your purpose or the meanings in your name or birthday in the comments.

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