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The Four Movement Patterns

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Knowing about the four movement patterns used in InterPlay can help us in education, family systems, healing, community work, anywhere you teach peace, expand resources, and seek ways to support diversity.

Move to Greatness, and the Focused Energy Balance Indicator tool can support a family or team to think and play in embodied ways.

Discover who acts and moves like a

  • Thruster/Driver?
  • Shaper/Organizer?
  • Swinger/Collaborator?
  • Hanger/Visionary?

Want to learn an embodied, practical way to work with personality strengths and weaknesses? Take the mini free FEBI here.

As certified FEBI coaches, either Nancy Pfaltzgraf or I can help you access the online FEBI instrument. The cost is $75.00 and requires twenty-minutes to take. When complete, we retrieve the results and email them to you. 

We suggest a coaching session to help read the results, empower your weak areas and celebrate strengths. 1-4 coaching sessions will help you maximize your learning. 

One-hour consults with Cynthia are 125.00.

More about the Movement Patterns

Understanding the basic differences in our movement patterns offers new ways to move and understand the movement of others. I learned to better organize my energy, practice new ways to claim my wisdom, and embody wisdom.

Kinesthetic reality is at the base of how we operate, what we want, how we relate to others, and to the Divine.

Your body is smart and seeks a satisfactory balance of mental, physical, and spiritual health. If one pattern dominates, it can prevent your full wisdom.

With this tool, you learn ways to

  • Increase energy
  • relax judgment about behaviors
  • find your own peace and balance
  •  enjoy family, friends, and coworkers more
  •  improve overall wellbeing
  •  uncover hidden strengths
  •  deepen relationship with the Divine



Ginny Whitelaw, with Betsey Wetzig, wrote Move To Greatness: Focusing the Four Essential Energies for Whole and Balanced Leaders. This book shows how to use these energies at work.

For the spiritually inclined, Dr. Marcia McFee wrote a Ph.D. on the “primal patterns” in ritual. Her research helps people come closer to self, others, and God and to diversify their ritual patterns to include more types.


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