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The Ruby Way: The Dance You’ll do in this year long mystery school

dancer–Receive weekly blogs with practices from Dance: A Sacred Art, The Joy of Movement as Spiritual Practice, an InterPlayful book I wrote after years teaching Dance as Spiritual Practice to Pacific School of Religion students in Berkeley, CA.

–Join weekly live  labs each Monday at 5pm pst to learn and experience body wisdom beyond the words, practice with partners and share your own noticings.  Get regular posts and writings to support your journey.

–Stay connected in a Private Facebook Community and access the Hidden Monastery Private Facebook Page where mystics play and share in InterPlayful exchange.

Begin with Dancing Into the Dream of Peace.
Each week we will encounter a practice and wisdom as we

  1. -Disengage from 4 Myths Discouraging Dance to find 4 Encouragement in a One Hand Dance.
  2. Approach Holy Ground: The Bow,
  3. Prepare the Body with the Breath Dance,
  4. Create an Altar for Your Big and little Body.
  5. Warm Up, Notice and Write
  6. The Dance of Witnessing
  7. Unlock Joy with Grace, Spontaneity, and Surprise
  8. Dance to Savor Grace
  9. Dance Maker-Take a Spiritual Journey
  10. Dance Release
  11. Dance with the Trickster
  12. Dance Into Wholeness
  13. The Peace of Two Minutes of Heaven, Therapy or Just Vacation
  14. Spirit Shaking
  15. Dance to Detach from Time
  16. Find Balance with 4 Patterns of Centering: Swing and Shape
  17. Hang and Thrust
  18. Dancing the Elements: Earth Air Fire Water
  19. Befriend Falling: Fall for Liberation
  20. Dance for Healing Dance of Restoration.
  21. Dance of Exformation
  22. Dance of Confession
  23. Shadow Dancing
  24. Masked Dances
  25. Dance Internal Authority NO-NO Dances,
  26. Dance to Retrieve Soul from Trauma
  27. Dancing on Behalf Of
  28. Dance for Spiritual Direction
  29. Dancing Spiritual Disciplines
  30. Dancing the Present,
  31. Movement Meditation,
  32. Dancing Sacred Texts
  33. Movement Mantras,
  34. Dances for Discernment
  35. Dance to Deepen Understanding
  36. Dance of Decision Making
  37. Dancing to Discern Purpose
  38. Dance to Praise Gifts
  39. Dance to Claim the YES!
  40. Dance to Engage the Hearts Desire
  41. Dance to Exform Prior Calls
  42. Dance of Blessing
  43. Dance to Create Healthy Relationships
  44. Dancing into Synchronicity
  45. Dancing Deep Rapport
  46. Dancing to Let Go
  47. Dancing to Reunite
  48. Dancing the Great Dance
  49. Dancing In Choirs-Ecstatic Following
  50. Dances the Daily Mystical Walk Stop Run
  51. Dancing Gratitude


The cost for all materials and coaching is 49 dollars a month. Link here to enroll.

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