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The Sacred Tree of Life

Seven WEek workshop with Marla


Embodying Your Innate Grace: Dancing through the wisdom of the 7 chakras

Wednesdays 9am-10:15 Pacific, June 1st – July 20th (no class on June 15th)
INTRODUCTION on Wednesday, May 25th, 9am-10am

“Our bodies are the organic structure of the Divine.”

The Hidden Monastery welcomes you to a journey honoring + celebrating the vast wisdom it contains. Sacred self-care is the center of our time together as we nourish, tend and listen to the intelligence, beauty and grace inherent in our human form. Focusing on the whirling vortices of life-force inherent to our being, we will gather our resources, listen deeply to the wisdom of the chakras, and enjoy the beauty and grace that we are.


Cost 175/or scholarship


For information about class contact Marla at modernrootwoman@gmail.com