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What Happens in Dance Chapels

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Dance chaplains, gently guide participants to enter into body and soul through prayer, movement, voice, breath, honoring all the beautiful, challenging poetics of life.

Chapels tend to be small enough so that when we join a chapel, we are each invited to light a candle, virtual or real, and share an intention.

Next, the leader guides a simple warm-up and meditation inviting all parts of body and soul into the dance.

We often pause to welcome stillness, savor, notice and affirm our body’s wisdom.

Each chapel leader offers a theme and approach that is unique. The mid section of a chapel is about nourishing body and soul with inspiration and practice. For instance, on Mondays, I am sharing the art of Meinrad Craighead’s Litany of the Great River, a beautiful springboard for reflection using movement, writing, or other media.

In the third and last section of the chapel, we partner with another participant for a “Dance on Behalf of.” We may use the chat box to briefly request that our partner dance for something that needs support. In prayer, one partner then dances on behalf of the other as they witness. Then we change roles.

The chapel concludes with a deep breath, final word, and blowing out the candle.

You are welcome to join any chapel! There is no cost to attend unless you would like to honor the chapel and leaders.  Link here for a single contribution. If you attend regularly, consider supporting chapels with a monthly contribution to The Dancing Center.


Monday at 4:30 pm pst with Cynthia Winton-Henry

Tuesday 4:30 pm pst with Monisha Mittal

Wednesday 9:30 am with Marla Durden, 4:30 pm pst Dancing Hand with Ruth Showalter

Wednesday 7 Pm PST/Thurs 7:30 AM India with Neeha Naromha

Thursday 9:30 am pst Chapel with Nancy Pfaltzgraf and Jane Siarny