Wisdom Trove

We all have keys to a Hidden Monastery whose foundation is Love. Entering in we may find a portal that is playful, visionary and welcoming. Perhaps because imagination and soul grow where the ground is spacious, creative, intelligent, and fertile. As storytellers in Kazakhstan says,

“It was the seventh day.  God had finished making the world when they realized they had forgotten to give human beings their brains.  So they filled a jug with brains, called an angel and said, ’Go and give human beings their brains!’ The angel flew down to Earth and found so many people that there were not enough brains to go around.  So the angel gave each person a drop of brains.

Then God looked down on creation and saw war, jealousy, hunger, and tears. ‘Human beings have only got a bit of brain each,’  they said. ‘I need someone with a whole brain to sort them out.’ So God made one more person and filled that person’s brains right up to the top with stories, songs, poems, and sparkling words. They sent the storyteller down to Earth, to tell, and sing wisdom into foolish human hearts.”  (Utne, Mar/Apr ’04)

Imagination unlocks our relationship with Divine Presence. Presence does not impose itself. Instead it arises in our soul as organic, spontaneous and free.


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