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Dying to Live Tour and Cabaret with Stephen & Cynthia Winton-Henry

Where Sister Death brings life into exquisite focus

The “Dying to Live” Cabaret is a gathering both solemn and celebratory that orients participants to the four key body wisdoms of living and dying.

  • Death’s role at the sacred center of life
  • That dying is not a solo dance
  • Dying requires a herd of angels
  • We have an obligation to die wise.

Leaning into Death as a holy companion and teacher Cynthia and Stephen offer talks, workshops, seminars and retreats on that improvisation of a lifetime: living and dying.  With the essentials of art, love, and solemn joy they joke that Cynthia’s InterPlay tools help people get in their body and Stephen’s hospice work helps people get out! Together they have it covered!

Key Resources: Die Wise by Stephen Jenkinson, Ira Byock’s Four Things That Matter Most, Tina Cole Kreitz’s The Last Gift Box: A Present to Those Who Follow Me, and Cynthia Winton-Henry’s Move: What the Body Want, an InterPlay Resource

Stephen Winton-Henry– hospice chaplain, spiritual care manager, pastor, and grief educator since the 1990’s. It was losing a parent at a young age that initiated him into the need for spiritual companionship throughout life. A graduate from Foothill Theater Conservatory, InterPlay leader, avid reader and amateur ukulele and guitar player, he is a master at hanging out, play, and researching.

Cynthia Winton-Henry–cofounder of InterPlay, recovering serious person and host of the Hidden Monastery, a virtual community of playful prayerful mystics and artists. She taught a generation of seminarians at Pacific School of Religion to dance, produced Unbelievable Beauty of Being Human concerts worldwide, leads Changing the Race Dance Workshops and supports millennials to upload art and body wisdom for health, justice, and life. Her books include Move: What the Body Wants, Dance, the Sacred Art, and Chasing the Dance of Life.

Come to the cabaret!



  1. Elizabeth Jensen says:

    How can we attend the Dying to Live Tour & Cabaret? We live in Auburn. Read about it in F.O. cohousing newsletter. Thanks

    • cynthia winton-henry says:

      Hi Elizabeth, Thank you for your interest. We don’t have any workshop scheduled at the moment. Probably this fall. Are you part of a community that would be interested in hosting a day long workshop? If you subscribe to the Hidden Monastery Newsletter or to InterPlay.org, you should get updates about events coming up. Thank you so much for your interest.

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