I offer a set of writings that I call Spiritual Instruction Module or SIMs. This is a playful reference to the small card in a cell phone that carries your key data, apps, and info.

These writings are designed to support spiritual intelligence.

They include

  • The 3 Directives: Efficiency of Energy, Clarity of VIsion, Courage to Love.
  • Divining Purpose
  • A How to Manual for Embodied Mysticism
  • Play Primer: Why Play is Key for Spiritual Development
  • Balance: Your CPR for Body and Soul
  • Credentialed as a Sensitive
  • Flaps Up: Learning to Dance with Your Shamanic Body
  • The Secret Support from the Tree of Life
  • Develop Power and Efficiency of Energy: How to Dance With Snakes.
  • Pinecone Magic: Touching Divinity through the Pine-al Gland
  • Answering Spirit’s Call- How Mystic Tech Got Started
  • Trust and Letting Go
  • Healing Trauma-When You Need a Soul Retrieval
  • How to Illuminate Your Intuitive Dashboard
  • Higher Sense Technologies
  • Time Initiations
  • Reflection on Depression: Dancing on the Dark Side of the Moon
  • Focus & Relax in Mystery
  • Changing the Race Dance in U.S. Religious Practice
  • Death & Ancestry
  • Keys to Creating Ritual as High Play
  • 2014 Mystic Tech Quotes