Body Wisdom of the Heart: Love Pain

When I told grandpa that I was getting married, his response was to quote Shakespeare, “True love doesn’t always run smooth.”  Indeed!

Mystics are as healthy and unhealthy in Love as anyone, maybe moreso since we feel so intensely. We may lead others on the journey to understand Love, but, Love is mysterious. 

We move along in the great organic improv of life, simultaneously dancing between passion and impassion, comfort and panic, security and adventure, home and strangeness, connection and letting go. This Dance requires trust and that biggie–surrender to the Dance itself. Then, add the dynamic of attraction. Attraction makes us feel happy, uplifted, serene, affectionate, playful and affirming. When it’s present, we enjoy creating meaning together. Conversely, we get tied up in knots when we continually focus on someone or something unavailable or gone. Love Pain, the opposite of attraction, stirs up grief, loss, isolation, abandonment, anger, rage, resentment, fear, anxiety, depression, highs, obsessive thinking and behavior, and spaciness. 

Do we listen to our body or not? 

If we look for Love in heightened experience alone, we miss the portal to the peace that passes all understanding. This peace is the great Love organizer. Once rooted in it, our world and relationships flourish and grow tall. Contradictorily, we cannot find this field unless we learn to listen to our own body, move our energy, breathe, and live and play with it all.


In InterPlay, grace invites us to notice and affirm our bodyspirit data. We ask, “What does my body want? Will it be good now and good later? 

In a more relaxed state of play, old patterns make themselves known and offer up old pain to be rewired. We step onto a dance floor into a choreography that leads beyond us. Our bodyspirit communicates when something is missing, lifeless, freaked out, disorganized, traumatized, or biochemically challenged.  We can shake it out. We can listen to the whole of experience. We can plant our hearts in the long Dance.

I am so grateful for the wisdom teachings of Love, the natural gifts I have to welcome Love, and for the Source of Love Itself.  
I appreciated reading Joan Pasco’s writing this week. She is an astrologer and artist who highlights all the forms of Love that emerge in a group, with a guide, friend, animal, nature, studying a beautiful idea, practice, or in direct connection with the Sacred. Her forecast for this time is worthy of note.

If love pain is a real deal check out the forty questions for love addicts anonymous for clues about love confusion.