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Coaching: $75/month: 1-1 coaching & all benefits
Weekly Online Dance Practice: The Ruby Way  $49/month

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The SIM Card library of Body and Soul Tools
SIMs are How-to guides on spiritual practice, mysticism, intuition and psychic awareness. Find a library full of spiritual instruction modules on subjects they don’t teach in school. Each one is a 30 page resource. $20 Click to learn more.  “Cynthia: you have such an amazing ability to articulate things that I sense but can’t quite put my finger on. Thank you!”

The Focused Balance Indicator Assesment for Your Home Movement Pattern
Only $40. Or with Coaching session $150.
This is the Myers Briggs of Movement: You take it online and it helps asses your energetic home and how to balance and improve  your body wisdom in Collaborating, Organizing, Visioning, Initiating. LEARN MORE

High Play Rituals
New rituals for unaddressed personal and collective body wisdom. Click here to learn more.

Commission a Shrine or Art Gift









Tattooed Baby Saints

Personalized Pet or Garden memorials
Designed to “dissolve with time” with a promise that grief too will soften and dissipate.



  • Chasing the Dance of Life:A Faith Journey, Apocryphile Press, $20-“Shows us that the pathway to spirit starts deep in our bodies. Cynthia’s gift and calling is to share the playful tools of movement to light our way.” Conscious Dancer MagazineJudith Favor reviewed in the Friends Journal,”What is the color of hope? Read Chasing the Dance of Life. The depth and honesty of Cynthia’s queries and stories made me laugh, cry and shout AHA! Her search clarified my contemplative journey, confirmed my vocational choice to relinquish my ministerial standing in another denomination, and affirmed that I have ‘come round right,by choosing to make my home among Friends.
  • Dance: A Sacred Art: The Joy of Movement as Spiritual Practice, Skylight Paths, $17
    –A necessary companion”—“The joy of movement leaps off the pages…Sound theology, personal stories, and clear guidelines for dancing alone or in community“Lays out the welcome mat,’ weaving together simple but profound exercises and reflections…My whole being was engaged.” “A wonderful resource for leaders and participants of all beliefs.”
  • What the Body Wants: InterPlay, Woodlake Press includes “Like Breathing” CD $25– Is it time to connect to your body wisdom, move, tell your stories and give voice to life! Here is an Artists Way for the body! “It was like you came in like the barbarians, and I mean that in the most positive way, saying, We’re here to love you so just get ready for it. It was so magical.”
  • Having It All: Body Mind Heart & Spirit, Together Again at Last! Phil Porter, Cynthia Winton-Henry, Wing It! Press $15–”The primer on what body wisdom is all about.”
    “Master-teachers Porter and Winton-Henry have discovered a new way of “being” in the world.”-“This book is foundational…I recommend it to anyone seeking greater integration and wholeness in their lives….very entertaining.“–“I have followed these suggestions, and they really work. For those looking for ways to improve and/or heal, this is truly a winning way to go.”
  • Audio Tape Tales of a Suburban Mystic Cynthia Winton-Henry, Amar Khalsa $10 An unlikely mix of dance and protestantism produces a fresh, amusing, and honest take on a woman’s unusual call to refute the religious and culture split between body and soul.


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